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Rdclient is another GUI for RDesktop. It is written with KDE/Qt and it looks like the MS TSE Client. It supports seamless RDP with seamless shortcuts. RdClient, Download kostenlos. RdClient 2.6: Verbindung zu einem anderen Computer per Fernzugriff. Das Programm RdClient ermöglicht es Ihnen, von einem anderen Ort aus eine Verbindung zu einem ent... I cannot install RDCOMClient, using R-3.6. Some background: RDCOMClient works in my R-3.51 instance, and I need to use 3.6, and I need to use RDCOMClient to interact with my desktop's Outlook. mailR and sendmailR are not currently an option. Remote Desktop Client, der die Protokolle RDP, VNC und Hyper-V in sich vereint. The RDCOMClient package (version 0.93-0) This package provides dynamic (i.e. non-compiled) access to COM objects from within R. It allows R to act as a COM client and invoke methods and access properties in any COM object that implements the IDispatch interface.

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